Looping error. Help!

I am trying to loop through a csv file to sign up Gmail but only the first line of the csv was successful. (Image below)

How do I loop through the rest of the csv starting from the second line of the csv?

P.S I used csvReadArray because I have multiple data to input.

Your macro have not a loop you must use Loop inside macro not number in csvreadarray

Your macro never working loop because you have not used a loop inside your macro

You must create 2 separated loop (counter) controlled via executescipt to update it

After use 2 separated variables

{Counter1} {Counter2}

And must integrate these counters in


And update {Counter1} and {Counter2} for each loop

Thanks for replying but I have no idea on how to create a seperated loop controlled by executescript. I’m getting what you’re saying but I dont know how to go about it.

I Suggest do not use csvReadArray it’s hard to use, need more experience

Use csvRead and ${!COL1}, ${!COL2}


In automatically use Loop (internal ui vision).

It’s probably google ban and block your for cookies and user agent of your browser that use multiple accounts.