Loop to compare countdown timer to 00:00

Hi Support.
I’m new in UI Vision and I didn’t find a way to solve my problem yet. Could you help me, please?
I have a countdown timer that could start, let’s say, from 05:00 in certain web page and I need to monitoring when it achieves 00:00. I can use store command or storetext to read the timer by xPath for comparison.
How could I implement it, please?
Thanks in advance!

I would write a while loop with inside

  1. a Pause of a few seconds or so (so it does not run crazy)
  2. a xPathCount of the “time value” that would return 1 once the “00:00” is found
  3. Assign that value to a variable that you can use to exit your while loop (if PathCountVariable > 0)

Hope that helps

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A possible solution is:

  1. Set a label to start the check before the element to check

  2. Use the xPathCount command to detect if it found the element (if it found it will save in variable 1)

  3. Gotoif to return to the label in case xPathCoun == 0 (element not found)

Here info about Gotoif command