Loop Restrictions

Good day!
After 11 loop in Kantu for Chrome, the macro stops, how to remove this restriction?

There is no such restriction. Can you please post a test macro or screencast of this issue?

Hi to me too often happens that the loop stops.

I happened with many macros unfortunately seems a random problem of kantu, always changes so no precise rules can happen at any time.

In the forum there are other reports of this strange problem of the loop.

Maybe you mean this one?

This is an open issue, but it is not related to the loop feature itself. It can happensin any macro that runs longer.


Loop random freezing without any reason.

I try this code it’s a simple code to grab data from a page and randomly kantu remain stucked, the first time at loop 22 after at loop 50 without any reason.

Commensal user to get stucked he reported it here

Loop do not work well on Kantu if you apply a big loop (ex. 1000 or more) is sure you’ll find Kantu locked.