Looking for some hints to create auto comment in facebook

Hi, I’m not sure it’s legal or not, if it not, please inform for me and I will stop ask this question in here.

My wife have start her career on facebook to sell a product, I want help her by create an auto stuff to auto comment to her post in some groups, when I’m online, I will run this script, so I don’t spam too much. I think I will run this script around 3 hours/time.

I tried record my steps, but the facebook block the comment box and the value, so the kantu record can’t realize it.

You can see how it work in my video: http://take.ms/dNjCh.

I hope found some advice in here, thank so much for all advice.

Facebook makes automation difficult. Tools like webdriver, selenium or selenium ide don’t work reliably - as their websites changes html elements and IDs all the time.

The best solution I found is to use the new real user simulation. Since it works visually and with images, it works just great. The only drawback is that you can not record (all of) your macro, but have to built it step by step with XClick and XType. But once that’s done, it works reliably.

In your case, maybe it is enough to replace editContent with

  • XClick | (same locator as editContent)
  • XType | text here…

Thank you so much for your advice, I will check it when I’m back in my desk, thank you so much again.