Looking for a solution for years and everyone says: it doesn't work!

Hey I’m new here and don’t know yet if I understood everything (my English is not so good and I’m from Germany).

Because I’ve been looking for a solution for years and everyone says: it doesn’t work!

So my question is: can I display and automate any (!) iPhone app live with your program? I would like to update an iPhone app at 3 minute intervals and cache the new information in a file. Is that possible? And if so, does it only work with a new Apple Mac with M1 chip (because it can display iPhone apps) or also with my MacBook 2016?

Thanks for your help

Yes, you can!

(1) If the app supports running on M1 Macs, you can automate it directly with Mac desktop automation

(2) If the app still requires an iPhone to run, install Teamviewer or Anydesk on the iPhone and Mac. Then - on the Mac - you can automate it via the Teamviewer or Anydesk window with Mac desktop automation

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