Logs doesnt flow

Tried on 2 different windows computers, both on chrome.
When i start a macro loop, i am following what is happening with logs or “echo”
first 15-20 loops, “logs” panel scrolls down automatically
I make no clicks, no keyboard presses, not even moving the mouse cursor,
but after some loops suddenly logs panel stops autoscrolling
why :frowning:

Suddenly started to give this error after 8th loop and stops


Error #101: UI.Vision RPA is not connected to a browser tab

i do not even move the mouse.

This is a bug not solved, when you see this error “Error #101: UI.Vision RPA is not connected to a browser tab” you must close browser, close ui vision and restart browser and macro, there is nothing do to to solve in other way.

From this moment ui vision can not control tab and give more and more errors.

My suggestion is create short, simple a fast macro code and close and reopen periodically browser and ui vision to prevent this error.

I rarely using loop because long loop can give this error, i prefer macro to work 2-3 minutes, after close browser and ui vision and restart again in this mode you have few chance to have errors.

thank you!
Any idea of not flowing logs?

I use log in hard drive, i find all log saved in my hard drive.

Not about saving, i am trying to watch logs live, to act in case any error occurs…

what is this error?


Could not establish connection. Receiving end does not exist.

Study here the commands


there i could not find any details

You can read log in hard drive, swith to hard drive mode and you have log saved in pc and you can check all macro status and command

It seems there is a problem with log autoscrolling sometimes - do you have a test case for us? A screencast of the issue would be also helpful.

I can record tomorrow. It happens all the time. Maybe a toggle button to on/off auto scrolling, can fix

Thanks. It should scroll all the time. If it does not scroll, this is a bug. Once we can recreate it, we will fix it asap.