Login to analytics and download info

I am a complete newbie so forgive naivete - i want to have a tool that will login to google analytics, have a form that will have date range, and go to behavior and get some data for export ( click the export pdf for the data ) and download. Is this tool up for that? The login must be hidden as well.

Yes with ui vision RPA you can create this.

i’m completely lost without doing anything already. i have downloaded and installed SeaShell Browser but don’t know how to install RPA or whether it already is installed. I’ve checked some videos but i hat e them, wordless with music and mouse movements. also i want to install this on a website so anyone can use it. so perhaps i am barking up the wrong tree?

You must install ui vision RPA in your browser after you create macro code and require time this action.


Create a macro is a work to do, require time (hours or days in rare cases weeks).