Log file name inconsistency

When I specify a name for the log, but do not provide a full file path, the log is saved to the Downloads folder when the macro completes.

Subsequent executions generate additional log files, each with a file name containing parenthesis and an integer. This is expected behavior.

However, I was surprised to discover that after the 100th log file, the subsequent file names change to time stamps. For example:

RPA-logfile (1).log
RPA-logfile (2).log

RPA-logfile (99).log
RPA-logfile (100).log
RPA-logfile - 2024-03-21T153844.474.log
RPA-logfile - 2024-03-21T162131.905.log

The time stamps make it much easier to sort through logs to find something specific. I found nothing in the documentation about this change in naming convention. I would prefer to have all log files contain a time stamp like this. Is there a way to enable this, or must I just wait to have 100 log files for each macro?

Also, I noticed when specifying a full log file path, there are not multiple log files created. Instead, there is only 1 log file that is overwritten each time the macro completes, which is not helpful. Instead, the logs should be created the same way as when a full path is not specified.

Can anybody provide insight about this?