Local OCR Engine does not return Text although image detected succesfully

first of all: thanks for this great tool. I have just started using it and it looks promising, apart from my current issu :slight_smile:
I am having trouble on using the local ocr engine on a local webpage and can’t really figure out the problem.

  1. using local OCR-engine and ocrextract on the part of the webpage that contains the value returns the searched value including additional text that i do not need and do not want. Also the overlay of the whole page shows/detects all text-elements. (cant attach more than three elements to post as i am a new user)
  2. using OCR-engine 1 or 2 and ocrextractrelative: everything works fine.
  3. using local OCR-engine ocrextractrelative i can see the correct part of the image is displayed in the “Screenshots”-Tab but the value is not being returned. No error is thrown. I have tried with different sensitivities and so on, but had no success.

any help or idea is highly appreciated.
find screenshots attached
__lastscreenshot (1)

Hi, two questions:

  • Does Local OCR work in general?

  • If yes, try making the pink frame larger, so that the OCR gets more “context” ( = larger image). Often that helps with OCR recognition issues.