Local embedded script website

Right now i am playing alot with the connection between a simple local website and UI.vision automatation. I want ti create a UI, where i can acces scripts, give values and so on. I just need the knowledge to connect them.

In my example, i want to have a input field, where i can write text. My UI.vision script, should then take that input and use it. I just dont know how to do it. Can i store the JSON in another file, and then manipulate it, or should i do it otherwise. Would really appriciate some comments/help with it, since i have struggled with it for some time…

Javascript: This is taken from the embedded example

JSON: This is just some simple commands, that opens an online text editor and then types. I want it to type what i put in my text input…

HTML: just a simple HTML site with 2 buttons and a textfield.


Is your RPA software running on the same machine as the browser, or on the server (backend)?

Hi Ulrich,

RPA is running on the same machine. There is no backend, only local