Linux: Python script execution issue from UIvision Tool

Hello Everyone

Iam facing issue in executing python script from uivision tool ,Iam using xrunandwait command to trigger python script

Please let me know ,how can we solve this issue


Here is the sample code:
“Name”: “Testing”,
“CreationDate”: “2022-11-25”,
“Commands”: [
“Command”: “XRunAndWait”,
“Target”: “/home/qa/PycharmProjects/pythonProject/venv/bin/python3.8”,
“Value”: “/home/qa/PycharmProjects/automation/testcases/macros/reusable_macros/”,
“Description”: “”

Error from Logs:

  • [info] App close detected, Exit code=1

Hello, I have two questions:

  1. What flavor of Linux are you using?

  2. As a potential workaround and test, can you please try starting a shell script file instead, and from within this shell script file start your Python script?