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Hello community, I’m looking to add a series of contacts on linkedin but I’m having a problem: the button placed in front of the contacts is not the same all the time.

For people with whom I am already connected it will be “remove contact”
For others “Connect with”

How can I tell UI Vision that it should only focus on the “Connect with” buttons on the page?


I would use local OCR… using OCR with UiVision made my automation life much easier.

  • OCRSearch | Connect | i
  • if | i > 0
  • XClickText | Connect
  • end

So if UiVision finds a button called “Connect…” it clicks it, otherwise it does nothing. That is what you need, or?

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Thanks a lot !

I will try !

Ok, I tried but there is a new challenge. Randomly, the steps that separate me from adding a new contact changes, here is the 2 scenarios:

scenario 1 : when I click on “connect with x”, I saw a pop up with a new button “confirm send”

scenario 2 : when I click on “connect with x”, I saw a pop up with a question “how did you meet this person”. I have to click on “I met at a work-related event” and click on the “connect” button. After that, there is a new pop up with “send the invitation”.

Do you think it’s possible to translate to UI vision this random scenarios, buttons and actions ?


Yes. Ui.Vision has the if/then commands for it.

Extract some text of the dialog, and then decide the next steps.

Ok, I think I really don’t understand how to use your first answer. I don’t understand if I had to add the commands on the same line or not.

I have an error message (my OCR module is enabled and i’m not bad on automations with Integromat but with UI, i’m totally lost).

I advise you to find a good xpath that is able to recognize only the button in the state in which you are interested.

Each element in web pages has many different xpaths and some are unique and allow you to recognize elements precisely.

Some xpaths also contain the text shown in the buttons in order to recognize them when they change.

If you can’t, you can try Xclic on the image of the button you want, in this way it will click only when it finds the button you want without errors.

Hello :slight_smile:

Yes, I perfectly understand the xpath problem @ulrich gave me a good advise but I don’t understand how to implement it. So, I will wait his answer to reach the good result.

Thanks a lot for your message!

The if command in the picture is wrong study the correct syntax here

Perfecly studed, thanks for that but I can’t apply, can you help me please?

I’m not the type to ask for help without looking, I’m really stuck, I don’t understand how can I get my result.

I understand what you are talking about but I don’t understand how to do it.

if command have errors, read carefully the instructions on how to create an if code.


As stated above, I am not part of the good guys team calling for help without trying to find a solution first.

Apparently you don’t want to take it into account and you prefer to redirect me to documentation but know that we don’t all have the same way of learning. I am one of the people who need to deconstruct to learn so instead of wasting so much energy to redirect me to all the possible documentation in the world you could have simply tried to give me the solution which would have allowed me to take awareness of deconstructing to understand.

I tell you anyway so that you know: I am aware that my solution is findable if I learn all the documentation by heart, so far nothing is normal.

I’ll give you a little feedback on your multiple answers: a week later I’m exactly at the same point, almost resigned.

Thanks again @ulrich for the first answer :wink: