Line breaks vs para breaks


Is it possible for the detection to distinguish between a line break and a para break with a bit of intelligence? Encountering a larger spacing between lines can be treated as a para break, else line break. This would be invaluable when dealing with documents that have multiple paragraphs of text. The current approach of sending a \n (or \n\r) obviously causes reflow problems due to the hard breaks.

These can of course be deleted after the API response is received, but that’s even worse off since then it would result in 1 confusing chunk of text.

Hi, do you have an example document for us?

Sure pretty much any doc would do, here’s an example:

Here’s another possible detection logic- if a line is flush on the right margin (or same as the boundary as the previous), then it probably means a continuation of the same para. Whereas if there is gap, then it means this is the last line of the para and the next detected line is the start of a new para.

Eg the line ending “Orange Zones” is the end of the para.

Of course, this might work only for justified text…