Limiting the loop

Hi Guys,

Is there a way I can limit loop for just certain steps. The case is that my first step is to open website but as the loop goes then it keeps on opening the website as the first step and I am loosing time on refresh.

Would it be possible to somehow make a loop go with the first step just once and then just repeat other steps many times.

Or would it be possible to somehow make the macro work without opening the page, if I would just open the page by myself and run it. As I get error as the browser tab was not found.

Thanks a lot in advance.


There are several options:

  • Use internal looping with While or Goto commands

  • Use 2 macros and combine them in a test suite. The first macro will open the page and login, and the second macro loops:

  • Or, as you suggest yourself:

Sure. You can remove the OPEN statement from the macro - and open the page yourself before the macro start. The kantu macro runs on whatever tab is open when you click “Play”.

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