Let run command run all in folder

Would it be possible to let the RUN command point to a folder and run all macros in that folder?


  "Command": "run",
  "Target": "folder/",
  "Value": ""

Thanks, this is an interesting suggestion. As you probably know, this can already be done via the IDE by selecting “Testsuite: Play all in folder”. But it can not be done from inside a macro yet.


Nice to hear that you also think this is interesting!
I use the “play all in folder”-function both via the IDE and by command prompt daily.
But being able to use the run command from inside a macro to run all macros inside a folder would be awesome. :slight_smile:

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Is there any way how to run all macros in subfolders from a root folder? When I select “Testsuite: Play all in folder” from a root folder (“b2b”) in IDE, macros from subfolders are not executed.