Keep a screenshot trail for all visual commands

From a user:

I contact you because I have a question. In the previous tool, we were given the possibility of saving all the screenshot taken during a macro play if that macro ended in an error.

It was particularly useful to us as, sometimes, the origin of an macro error is not linked to the last screenshot, but to a previous step in the macro (shown in a previous screenshot). It helped us diagnose the error we faced.

We started using your new tool uivision for automated tests. But only the last screenshot is stored, not all of them, and I fail to see an option to save all screenshot in a folder if the macro fails.

Can you please tell me how I can activate it ? And if this option is no longer available, do you have a workaround that would not imply to create a action after each step of the macro to store a screenshot ?

Indeed, UI Vision keeps only the last screenshot. My suggestion for a workaround is to watch for changes of _last_screenshot.png file in the /images folder in hard-drive mode.

=> Your script can make a copy with time stamp whenever the file changes. This way you will have a log of all screenshots!

In Powershell, code like this can be used: Monitoring Folders for File Changes -

For batch files this looks good: Batch script that monitors for file changes - Stack Overflow

PS: You can even start this screenshot logging from with the macro with the XRUN command.