kantuSaveAndRunMacro with zip macro


I’m executing the macro through a button on the form and passing the macro’s json via javascript.

var w_macro = window.dispatchEvent(new CustomEvent(‘kantuSaveAndRunMacro’, {
detail: {
direct: 1,
continueInLastUsedTab: 1,
storageMode: ‘browser’

I use xclick on some commands.

The question is. Can I send my macro in zip and kantu to import it with the images?

Or upload the image and base64 in “Target”?

Thank you very much and congratulations for the project every day is better.

I like the ZIP download idea, but it is not yet available.

But, you can already link to your images from your JSON macro:

XClick | button_dpi_96.png@0.8#2[https://abc.com/image.png]

I was in doubt how to use:

My json
“Name”: “MacroTest”,
“CreationDate”: “2021-8-10”,
“Commands”: [
“Command”: “XClick”,
“Target”: “gbya32_dpi_96.png@0.8#2[http://localhost:5000/img/img2.png]”,
“Value”: “”,
“Description”: “”
“Command”: “XClick”,
“Target”: “tu3vks_dpi_96.png@0.8#2[http://localhost:5000/img/img1.png]”,
“Value”: “”,
“Description”: “”


When executing the macro returns error

[status] Playing macro executar
[info] Executing: | XClick | gbya32_dpi_96.png@0.8#2[http://localhost:5000/img2.png] | |
[error] [Line 1](chrome-extension://gcbalfbdmfieckjlnblleoemohcganoc/popup.html#): Error #120: visualAssert: No input image found for file name 'gbya32_dpi_96.png'[(more info)](https://ui.vision/x/idehelp?help=error120)
[info] Macro failed (Runtime 2.77s)

have any tips


Is the localhost address accessible from the machine of the user (= where UI Vision is installed)?

The remote feature might be broken. We are testing this. I moved this forum post in the “bug” category.