Kantu window Crash on Chrome

Im continuosly running a Kantu script based in label/goto loops.

After some running time, the Kantu tab crashes.

Memory usage for chrome (kantu) does not stop increasing with its running time. It starts at aprox with 100mb, after 1 hour it is consuming 4GB and after some more time it just crashes.

Any way to fix this?
Im Using Chrome + windows 10

I need the script running 24/7 but the max it lasts it is 6 hours, sometimes crashes with only 30 mins, it is pretty random.

I would appreciate any kind of help.

Which version are you using?

You just need to periodically restart Chrome: https://ui.vision/rpa/docs#247

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Thank you!!! I appreciate your help

Finally ended up doing a lil batch script to Kill+run Chrome&Kantu every 15 mins.