Kantu to automate filling 20 slightly different web forms, is it possible

I have a tedious task of filling 20 or more directories for a business client.
There are about 20 fileds to fill
So far I think i could do this with csv file but id have to learn how
The extra problem is that the answer may be different for different sites.
e.g. quesion: what is your role? answer may be CEO in one site, but Principal on another.
e.g Business classification is a similar problem.

I need a column in my csv for each site with the correct version of the answer, but I cant see how that would be done.
Is it maybe possible to have 20 csv files one per site and then run all 20 macros as a batch?



Yes it’s possible

I use the solution to use 1 column with all data and i split it but you can use different csv without problem.

If you use browser portable you can run unlimited macro in different browser (portable).

Thanks, sounds interesting.
Does it need knowledge of Java?
I am a programmer, but not Java. Syntax wouldn’t be an issue but, I wouldn’t be able to find and import the right libraries etc



To do this need only to know selenium ide commands


And some functions of Kantu


You don’t need to know java, I occasionally use javascript for some functions.

Thanks this has been hugely helpful.

some comments maybe a few more hints are possible. Much appreciated in any case

ok so I:
(very rough pseudocode) the labels reminds me of vba so I am copying that error handling regime a little

!ErrorIgnore true

csvread mycsvfile

start loop over the scv
get a line

find the control (username0) {col1} and type (textbox) {col2}
depending on type I then
sendkeys value (${col3}

//or submit
sometimes after a submit I may wait for form 1 to submit and a new form to apprear
check that x exists on the page then
if verifyElementPresent(some element name)===true {
continue submitting form 2
or wait
after waiting 30 seconds give up and sned an email
//or dropdown

selectByvalue ({col3} ) or is it select name= ({col3} )

Gotoif {!statusOK} //jump to label at start and do the next one Gotoif !{!statusOK} //got to error handler

//else store the error message
//csvSave ??? cant make asny sense of the instructions for csvSave.
store “error” !csvline
store “the problem” !csvline
store “the page title” !csvline
store !URL !csvline


Have I missed anything important?
The keys to success for me are:

  1. Fill in everything on each form
  2. Report any errors including the url of the form and what field caused a problem plus any error messages?
  3. Not stop and have a tantrum when an error occurs, but go the next section or next url(form)
    4 Put all my macros in a test suite and execute them all in a batch unattended (more or less) but know what I need to give personal attention to because it failed etc

E.G. If I cant make a match on a drop down, I need to know that and log an error so it can be manually fixed afterwards