Kantu support Proxy And Socks?

Understood. For the next beta update (V5.2.15, available next week) we have added support for Socks4 and Socks5 proxies. The format is:


Note that web browsers do not support socket authentication, so username/password will be discarded.

  "Name": "proxy_socks",
  "CreationDate": "2019-11-2",
  "Commands": [
      "Command": "setProxy",
      "Target": "socks4://",
      "Value": ""
      "Command": "open",
      "Target": "https://tools.keycdn.com/geo",
      "Value": ""

Is your socket authentication only for Chrome (Chromium) not available or for all browsers (e.g. Firefox) ? And why can “Proxy Switcher” then authentication?

See https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Mozilla/Add-ons/WebExtensions/API/webRequest/onAuthRequired and https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Mozilla/Add-ons/WebExtensions/API/proxy/ProxyInfo for Firefox

@thecoder2012 and others: For questions and feature requests for the new setProxy command, please open a new thread.

@thecoder2012 Do you know a Chrome extension that supports socks5 proxy authentication? If it works in Chrome, we will add it soon.

Proxy switching support with setProxy is now officially available! :grinning: