Kantu scripts are throwing error while running them in new version

kantu version updated with the V5.0.1 and from 4th of june scripts is giving error while running them.

By previous version Kantu is understanding the "link=»@POS=7" but now it is not.

Now It is understanding "xpath=//*[@id="menubar"]/ul/li[6]/ul/li[3]/a"

See pic attached.

Is it at my end or some others , also facing the same?

Do you have a test macro for us? This part of the code should have not been touched in V5, but of course, maybe something was changed by mistake.

I wish i can but i can not.
I hope you can understand. but what i can do is.

attaching pic.


while recording i am getting option is displaying in the pic.

earlier in my scripts “link=»@POS=5” is working fine but now (from v5.0.1) it is not understanding it.
i have to change it with xpath for smooth running.

It would be huge exercise for doing changes in every scripts for me. so i thought it would good to be share it with you for fix so that lot of others member does not feel the situations where i am now currently.

Try this:

  1. Update to the latest version XModules
  2. Update to the latest version your add-on. v5.0.3
  3. Update to the latest version your browsers: Chrome or Firefox [Offline Installer].
  4. Then you can Select you object again using the Select button.

And don’t forget to read documentation first and get acquainted with latest changes in commands.

And check Whats New page.

I am sorry @AKO but you forgot to read completely.

Problem is not at all in selecting the target or reading the documentation. Problem started when UI.vision AUTOUpgraded with 5.01.

@admin do you have any turn around pl.?

Just to clarify: There is (just) one issue, and these are links with the» symbol?


I tested with V5.0.3 with the links above and all works fine. So if you still see the issue, we need a test website were we can recreate the issue.

  "Name": "test",
  "CreationDate": "2019-6-12",
  "Commands": [
      "Command": "open",
      "Target": "https://forum.ui.vision/t/kantu-scripts-are-throwing-error-while-running-them-in-new-version/2762/6",
      "Value": ""
      "Command": "clickAndWait",
      "Target": "link=»@POS=3",
      "Value": ""

dont know what to say but i had to update my all the scripts.
Its weird.