Kantu running slow when running test suit while many other suits saved within the same browser

I have been using Kantu for over a year now and it helps me a lot thank you!
I just wish I could run all of my test suitcases within the same browser. Had around fifteen suitcases with 40 macros in each suitcase. When one suitcase ran, It would start fast but then get extremely slow to the point that any action on Kantu will have a delay of three seconds. Eventually had to create different chrome profiles and run each suitcase from different profile so it will run fast.

Is there any way to make it run normally with all test suitcases combined?

Hi there is some options to set to have a good speed

Store FAST !replayspeed
Store 1 !timeout_wait

You can set these values from ui vision windows of inside your macro code

Read here



Can you post a screencast of this issue? So far, I never saw testsuites slow down during replay.

Hi, I tried to upload a video but only authorised extensions are: jpg, jpeg, png, gif. Any other way to post here?

Hi, my problem is not the speed of the macro but the speed of kantu as a program when running with many test suites.


I use ui vision and I do not see this problem.

I think this is a error of your macro code or your macro code not optimized because I run everyday testsuite and ui vision work well.

Try to use different browser to run multiple testsuite in same times

what’s UI vision? my problem occurs when many test suites with 40-50 macros each are created. And when I run one of them they get extremly slow to 3 seconds delay for an action unless I remove all other test suites.

In my opinion ui vision is not designed for large macro code, after i used imacros for 10 years i see imacros very fast in this situation but ui vision is slow.

Usually I create short macro code and close periodically browser to have a good speed.

Ui vision use a macro code with more lines (1 command require 5 lines json) imacros 1 command require 1 lines of code macro.

So I think absolutely unsafe to have test suites with 50 macros it’s very easy for problems to happen.

You can create a batch file, run one after one macro in this mode you bypass your problem.

With a batch file is simple, open browser and run macro1, when finesh, run macro2, at the end run macro50, if you close browser periodically is better.

I have 20 test suites with 40-50 macros in each test suit. your solution means running 1000 macros one after another?

You can automatically run unlimited macro one after one and you can close or not browser in automatially (to reduce memory usage).

There are command line to do this, i prefer batch file but you can use powershell too or other solution to run unlimited macro one after one or multiple macro with different browser profile in same time to reduce wait.

I run macro in automatically, I open machine and have setted in start up to run macro with a batch file that close the machine when macro finish the work.

Here some info


Are you talking about closeKantu=0 ?
I considered this option before, but couldn’t find an automated way to open kantu again. Manually opening kantu to run every macro is not an option

Any other way I can send you my recording of test suites?

I close with my custom macro browser (Xtype CTRL + W) but there are more solutions to close tabs and browser.

With batch file or powershell when a macro finish the work, will run the next macro or open browser again to run next macro.

You can run unlimited macro one after one.

I prefer to close browser to reduce the cpu and memory usage and restart browser fresh and fast.

To close browser in automatically you can use these command

    • closeBrowser=1 - Closes the Chrome browser when the macro is completed. The default is “0”, the browser remains open.
    • closeKantu=0 - Close UI.Vision RPA when the macro is completed. The default is “1”, so UI.Vision RPA closes after the macro is done.

Thank you but you already have explained this before, I’m aware of how to close kantu and browser.
This doesn’t help me…Is there a way to open kantu or browser automatically?

Hi it’s been two weeks… Is there any way I can send you my reconstruction for this delay in running batch of test suites?

If you do not read the documents of ui vision it is normal that you do not know how to do the things certain that there is explained in the documentation of ui vision how to start it from command line. You can’t expect people to work for free for you to solve the problems created by you, study here and you have all the answers of how to automatically start the browser and macros.

Here there are all command line to start browser, macro, testsuite and close browser automatically.


I read everything and after not finding any solution to my problem went here to post. i’m not asking anyone to work for free just some general understanding of the tool.

There is no command that opens kantu or browser, please correct me if i’m wrong

Create a batch file, add it in startup and use this code

For chrome

“C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe” “file:///D:/test/DemoAutofill1.html?direct=1&close=1&savelog=log1.txt”

For Firefox

“C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe” “file:///D:/test/DemoAutofill1.html?macro=demoframes&cmd_var1=hello%21world&cmd_var2=123&cmd_var3=ABC&direct=1&savelog=logfirefox.txt”

Change path with your path and this start in automatically firefox and macro or testsuite.

Here info

I have a machine that work without any manual action, after machine is opened run all macros, create a log and quit machine need only batch files.