Kantu - Reusable Steps


Is it possible to create reusable steps for Kantu Macro ?. e.g. Suppose if we create reusable step for login for an application then we can reuse that step across all UI test cases where login step is mandatory

Perfect timing, we are working on this right now :slight_smile:

=> This feature will be available with the next update in 1-2 weeks.

How about the maintainability? in the sense can we build a framework that is scalable and maintainable for changes ?
When can we expect the reusable functions / methods usage ?

The RUN command is now available :slight_smile:

Thanks for ur reply !

However i want to know as id there any way by which we can pass parameter to the reusable steps which we are calling via ‘Run’ command ?

As in selenium where we used to write the function by passing parameter to it.
Example -
If we are writing sub for login flow then we can pass user name and password value as attribute while calling it from main script

Many Thanks

Variables of the main program are visible in subroutine, too.

So if you have in the main program

store | Bill Gates | username

you can use the same variable in the subroutine e. g.

type | id=name | ${username}

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