Kantu no longer able to click on links in popups after 5.1.5 update

Hi, in the previous version of Kantu I had scripts that were traversing a category tree, screenshot: https://i.imgur.com/KcnskJc.png

The script was pretty simple:

  1. Click button to open the category popup
  2. Wait for it to open
  3. Traverse the category tree by clicking on the links

Hover, since the latest update, Kantu is unable to find these links. In fact even using the “select” function to manually choose where Kantu should click, no longer is highlighting those parts as valid ( this still works on main page, just not the popup ).

Is there a workaround to this, or a way to temporarily downgrade to 5.1.4? Latest version I see in the archive is 5.0.8, but I vaguely remember that version giving me a lot of problems with opening multiple new tabs instead of one, and sometimes skipping filling in the inputs in a tab, which was quite time wasteful

Screenshot of the relevant part of the script: https://i.imgur.com/WD6rDzN.png

Ouch, this escaped our QA. We added the LinkText= and PartialLinkText= statements for improved Selenium IDE compatibility, but broke Link= by mistake. This is a bug that will be fixed ASAP.

Meanwhile, the solution is to simply change the command from “Link=” to “LinkText=” then your macro(s) work again!

(About the versions: There was never a public V5.1.4, the latest stable version before this is indeed V5.0.8)

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Thank you, this has fixed my macros :slight_smile:

We just released V5.1.8 that fixes this issue. Thank you for reporting it!

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