Kantu keep creating untitled macro

Using this plugin is a constant battle with bug for me everyday :frowning:

When I click discard, it does not discard,

when I click save, it shows this

sometimes save successful but when I click a macro, that annoying Untitled show up again and the loop repeat itself

also I can’t select the macro stored in harddrive.

using chrome, windows 10

Can you test this on another machine? Or do you have any hints for us to recreate the issue?

Does anyone else see this issue?

I also occasionally had this problem, usually checking when it starts a macro and remains by default and after the gates and therefore ui vision is found by default a macro that no longer exists. Usually reinstalling ui vision solves the problem.

We see the issue sometimes, too - but very rarely and have not not manage to recreate it reliably for debugging. Plus, in “our” case you can just like “Cancel” and the dialog goes away.

In my case I do not have a video because this problem appeared to me sometimes but consider that I have used numerous versions of ui vision and xmodules so during the various installations I noticed that sometimes I appeared this problem, but currently this problem I do not know anymore and I’m using firefox esr 60 ui vision 5.1.9 xmodules 201905, with other versions of firefox and ui vision I had many problems not only this but many others together in fact I do not update ui vision for this reason.

After reinstalling the plugin, the problem of “A requested file or directory could not be found at…” is gone.

But the problem of Unsaved Changes in macro “Untitled” still there, very annoying, now on Hardrive storage mode, I cannot select any macro. I can only use the browser storage mode.

The problem of macro disappearing after saving when making a change in a macro, the bug still happening. I have to create the macro again from backup, but before that I have to restart my computer, or else the plugin does not allow me to save any new macro. Restarting the chrome browser does not help. I am using this plugin everyday, this happened about every 2 days.

I don’t have another machine, this problem happened intermittent, so there’s no pattern that I know that cause this problem.

Using this plugin give me some depression :frowning:

This issue should be fixed with V5.3.17.