Kantu in sidebar switches to macro view when running script from bookmark

Not a big issue but I noticed that when I run a macro from a bookmark and kantu is loaded in the side bar, it switches always over to Macro view.

  1. In my case I have set the side bar to File view where I can see all my macros.
  2. I run a macro from bookmark
  3. It switches my file view to Macro view
  4. I have to switch back to file view to execute my other macro from there. (a little annoying)

Note: it does not switch to macro view, when I run a Macro by clicking a Macro in file view. That should be the same, when I run a macro from a book mark. The side panel should always stay in the view it is selected.

Thank you

Hi, currently this behavior is by design. Our assumption was that users use either file list or the bookmarks to run macros. But it seems you are using both at the same time. So I see the issue.

Let’s see if other users also want to have this behavior changed. I could also imagine that we introduce an internal variable that indicates how to run the macro.

sounds good to me :slight_smile: