Kantu freezing during a pause


The program is running a continuous loop and runs fine, until it occasionally randomly freezes during a pause. I’m not sure why this occurs, but it happens regardless of if there is normal log, error log or no log on. I can attach a video of needed, but it’s essentially just the photo, but not moving, stuck at pause 1s (2).

I’ve caught freeze on pause too.

Do you have an idea of what may be causing it? Or a fix?

Yeap )) -> [Recreator Required] [BUG] => Test case for debugging needed] Script freezes unexpectedly with no error written to log. Manual pause/resume brings it back

Thank you for the response; how did you fix the problem, if one exists?

Kantu freezes periodically for no reason on more than just a pause command and no manual pause/resume brings it back. It is too inconsistent to create a test case but it should not be hard to recreate it because it happens often enough (several times EVERY DAY for me - my script runs every half hour all day [at least 12 hours])

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