Kantu Execution Failure?

Here is an interesting execution. This has never happened before and I have no idea why Kantu failed However, at the top of my log file is this:
Status=Error: ‘if’ tag not found for this if (at command #10)

Unfortunately the log file size is too small (a mere 512 lines in Notepad++) to hold the log data leading up to this message, but this error showed up in game 4 of 5 (all results of games 1-3 are lost. Then, at the bottom of the log file this appeared.

[status] Playing macro Cycle2
[status] Playing macro Cycle2
[info] Executing: | store | fast | !replayspeed |
[info] Executing: | store | true | !ErrorIgnore |
[info] Executing: | storeEval | var d=new Date(); ((d.getMonth()+1))+’-’+d.getDate()+’-’+d.getFullYear(); | datestamp |
[info] Executing: | storeEval | var d=new Date(); ((d.getMonth()+1))+’-’+d.getDate()+’-’+d.getFullYear(); | datestamp |
[info] Executing: | storeEval | (new Date().getHours()+’-’+new Date().getMinutes()+’-’+new Date().getSeconds()) | timestamp |
[info] Executing: | echo | Cycle2 Started Successfully at {datestamp} {timestamp} and ({!runtime} seconds) | | [error][ignored] variable "TIMESTAMP" is not defined [info] Executing: | store | 3 | !TIMEOUT_WAIT | [info] Executing: | store | true | !statusOk | [info] Executing: | selectWindow | Title=MyPageName [info] Executing: | if | "{!statusOK}" == “true” | |
[error][ignored] failed to find the tab with locator ‘Title=MyPageName’
[info] Executing: | XType | ${KEY_WIN+KEY_R} | |
[error] ‘if’ tag not found for this if (at command #10)

I changed the title of the page name (private site) but all else is the Kantu generated log.

But about the execution, the status command appears to execute twice as does the StorEval command for the datestamp. Then Timestamp gets a not defined error although used in the previous StorEval statement. Then the SelectWindow fails but not until AFTER the status check, and finally the " ‘if’ tag not found " error appears again and the macro did NOT run any farther. I got 0 for my interation results from this execution. What happened? What does this ‘if’ tag error mean? Why does it look like Kantu is executing some commands twice?

Can you add a screencast of this issue? Maybe this helps to understand.

Also, I highly recommend to replace the deprecated storeEval commands with executeScript_Sandbox.