Kantu executes 3 times when loaded in three browser tabs in the side bar

Another Bug:

  1. Open three web sites in three browser tabs (tested in chrome)
  2. Have in each separate browser tab kantu IDE loaded in side bar (loads automatic if set so in Kantu setting)
  3. Execute Kantu script in one browser tab.
  4. Now it executes script 3 times

Thanks for the error report. But far I can not recreate it. What do you mean “it executes script 3 times”? Do you mean it runs in all 3 tabs?

Here is my test. All looks ok:

For me it does not work as you can see at the screen shot. I’m no verso 9.1.3.

Do you also see this issue when you use a public website? Or does it “only” happen with this internal website?

Here it goes:

Note: You need the script bookmarked and running from a book mark!

Make sure the other browser tabs also have the IDE loaded in the side bar.

“Command”: “click”,
“Target”: “id=addbtn”,
“Value”: “”,
“Description”: “”

I was able to recreate this issue, thanks for the good test case!

This issue is fixed in V9.1.5. Thanks again for reporting this.