Kantu can delete a csv line after run a macro?


Kantu have a command to delete a line of csv after run a macro?

Exist a solution to adapt Kantu to do this?


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You can not delete CSV lines from within Kantu yet. But you can tell Kantu which line to read with store | 12 | !csvreadlinenumber (in this example it will read line 12)

Thank admin

To delete a csv row i use a batch file runned after macro completed the work.

The solution store | 12 | !csvreadlinenumber for me it’s hard to use because i run more macro that use first line of csv, after all macro runned complete the work I need to work with new line od csv, in this moment I run batch file that delete first line in csv and macro can continue to work using always first line of csv after erased old line already used.

Other simple solution to automate this I could not find.

Have a nice day.

how do u run batch file from kantu
i write a batch file with notepad but it dosent run from xrun of kantu

Run batch file: Storing image with consistent filename