Kantu and press enter

Good evening I have a script with normal command such as sendkeys and clicks but I can not find the command to support entry, thank you for your help in advance :slight_smile: i try sendkeys xtype whit ${KEY_ENTER} command don’t work


Working perfectly in every sites I used it everyday working like a charm


Man it does not work on the site I use, no other technique available for supported input? Can not rec key keyboard?


You must installa this for XClick and Xtype


It’s available for free user too with some limits.

As @newuserkantu mentioned, did you have XModule installed? => Does the DemoXType macro work?

XType and XClick commands are not recorded, they need to added manually to the macro.

If DemoXType works, but not on your website: =>
Can you post the link to the website? You can also send it to us.

Xmodule installed but does not work whit enter too, that’s my site : www.coco.fr

It works well with this website, see my little GIF below.

Note that it is important to send an XClick to the input box first, so that the focus (cursor) is inside the input field. Only then xtype | ${KEY_ENTER} works. It is just like when you press ENTER manually, you first need to click in the box.