Kantu 5.0.8 SelectWindow tab=open not working

Hi all,

just updated to 5.0.8

I use the following command parameters:

Command: SelectWindow
Target: tab=open
value: http://www.google.com

when I run this I get the following error:
cannot read property “tab” of undefined

Tried both with my internal extranet address and google, but both fail.

Does it do the same with you?.
Yesterday it worked fine.



Works for me on v5.0.8. Make sure you start Kantu on the original tab before opening new tab.

I can confirm this error message but only if a special tab (e. g. blank tab or a Chrome internal page like the settings page) is open. All works fine if the active tab is a normal website.

This behavior is not a bug, since UI.Vision can not run such a command on a special page. But the error message itself is very confusing, we will improve this with the next update. Thanks for posting this issue!

Thanks for clearing things up.
I confirm all works fine when i start from a norm website.