Just a click on X/Y position

Hi, thank you for your programm :slight_smile: My Question is: I would like to click a button by identifying its coordinates, and instructing Kantu to click at those coordinates. How do I do that?


You get the coordinates with the visionFind image search command. It returns x/y of the center of the image in the !imageX and !imageY internal vars.


Once you have that, you can use

Click | #efp

#efp is the short form for using elementFromPoint.

Instead of clicking at the element at that point, can I click exactly on that point irrespective of what element is there?

That is what the combination of

  1. visionFind (image)
  2. Click #efp

does. First it finds the image, and gets its x/y coordiantes. Then it identifies the element โ€œbelowโ€ these x/y (using elementFromPoint) and then it clicks it.

Kantu (as any browser extension) operates on the website DOM. It can only send clicks to elements, not to the page in general. If you want or need the ability to send clicks to any point (= simulate real mouseclicks) you can use KantuX.

I wish I could use KantuX but itโ€™s not available for Mac :frowning:

We have already plans for it :slight_smile:

If you are interested in seeing a version of KantuX for macOS please sign up to Kantu for Mac.