Json body does not work

The POST does not work when switching to JSON body


response :

"OCRExitCode": 99,

"IsErroredOnProcessing": true,

"ErrorMessage": [

    "Unable to recognize the file type",

    "Unable to detect the file extension, or the file extension is incorrect, and no 'file type' provided in request. Please provide a file with a proper content type or extension, or provide a file type in the request to manually set the file extension."


"ProcessingTimeInMilliseconds": "0"


Hi, just to clarify, what does this mean? What did you change in Postman?

I copy pasted the same key value in JSON format {“key”:“value”} because the tool I use requires json body

Have you tried using the code export feature of Postman? There you can convert the (working) API call into many other scripting languages:

I am using a no code app similar to Microsoft Logic Apps so the only way is via a Json body