Javascript browser popup does not appear during automation

From a user: The “Show Password” browser popup does not appear during automation. I stopped the macro and clicked the “Show Password” button manually which shows that the popup would appear. The next step in the macro would be OCRExtractRelative to scrape the password from the dialog.

UI Vision is set to desktop mode, chrome version 87.8, xmodules 1.0.20, Linux OS. I see the same behavior on my Win10 desktop as well.

The problem is that during web automation, UI Vision auto-closes popup dialogs, such as the one with your password. Otherwise they would hang the automation. This is by design, see closing JS dialog in Selenium IDE.

Now… the problem is that this also happens in desktop automation
mode. This is a problem and we will improve this. Meanwhile here is an easy workaround:

The JS dialog is not autoclosed, if no web automation commands are in the macro. You can achieve this by simply moving the part of the code that manages the dialog box etc into its own sub-macro.

This video has a demo:

  • Test1 does web automation, then uses RUN to call Test2
  • Test2 has only XClick and similar real user simulation commands, no Selenium IDE commands. => JS dialog opens, it can be scraped and then closed.
  • Test3 continues normally…

“test2” in the demo is the part that opens and manages the dialog box.