It does not record the opening of another tab "tab=open"


It does not record the opening of another tab "open = tab.?

The user is making a recording.

The User enters site 1 ( copies (CTR + C) the value of an input, opens a tab (tab = open) enters site 2 ( and glue (CTR + V) site 2 processes this information and generates a new value so it copies (CTR + C) this information from site 2, closes the tab with site 2 and glues (CTR + V) on site 1 .

The problem is that it does not always record the opening of the flap.

Add manually in macro code it’s simple

Some commands not be recorded like CTR + C, CTR + V

Macro in part will be writed via code.

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Adding manually works well.

I was wondering if this is a bug of not recording the opening of new tabs

It is as @newuserkantu said: If the user opens a new tab manually (e. g. by clicking on the β€œ+” symbol) then UI.Vision can not record it. No extension can record it. The event is simply not available via the extension api.

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