Issues with X Click if I use a different color theme from the original theme I created the test in

The issue I am encountering is I created a test on a web application. Within the web application the user can select different theme colors for their user. I created my test in dark mode using a lot of the X module. I then attempted to run the test after it was created in the light mode theme, and the test always misses the X Clicks, I’m assuming due to the OCR feature not correctly detecting the background.

I have now made 5 tests all in dark mode, and would hate to have to go back and redo all of them in light mode to get around this issue.

Would anyone happen to have a fix to this issue without having to recreate all my tests?

Hello, just to clarify: Do you use XClick + IMAGE or XClickText + TEXT?

Can you maybe post an example screenshot? Or even better a video of the macro running?

I am using XClick + IMAGE

Above video is a short snippet of the test running with XClick in dark mode

This video exhibits the same test malfunctioning in light mode