Issues with running tests on other team members machine

I have created a suite of tests where I use various Xmodule features, specifically Xclick. The issue my team and I are running into is when they upload my tests into their suite and attempt to run the tests on their machine, they never make it past the first Xclick step. We have lowered the search confidence level which has helped slightly, but has definitely not solved the issue.

They have even taken all the images from my suite and ported them over to theirs. What are the steps we should take to resolve this issue.

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Hi, can you please post one or two sample images that fail to be found on the other machines? Ideally, please also post the __last_screenshot.png or __last_desktop_screenshot.png image from the team member’s machine. These __last_....screenshot.png images are the input for the image search. Then we can debug why the image was not found.

My first step would be to check the resolutions of the monitors. I expect the X and Y values would change with different resolution.

Second step would be to run the script on co-workers machine and when it stops at the first X click step then change to record and see what values are recorded for the machine on which it does not work.

The raw X,Y will change but that does not matter when XClick is used with image recognition. However, I suspect the the image size changes on the new screen are too large, to the image is no longer recognized/found. Once the user send us the images we can verify and debug this.

XClickText is the most robust XClick method. It uses OCR and is therefore completely insensitive even to large resolution changes. It will work until the text gets too small to be recognized.