Issues using the recording mode (mouse). every move a click!

hey guys,
when i’m using the recoding mode “mouse” the seeshell software registers every move as a click. so after 2 seconds of moving my mouse i have about 200 to 300 repeated commands (mouse,wait,mouse,wait,…). it makes no difference if i’m using a mouse or my touchpad.

i’m new to this, just started today. i already reinstalled the program and restarted my computer.
i’m using a mac air with windows via boot camp.
do you have any idea what the problem is? couldn’t find a solution to this.

and btw is there a way to continue a record after i stopped recording and saved the macro?

i appreciate your help very much so thanks for any help!

Hi, are you using SeeShell for Desktop Automation or the SeeShell Browser?

the problem concerns seeshell for desktop automation. so i hope, that i picked the right forum category…but i just want to mention that i also downloaded the chrome browser extension.

so, do you have any ideas?

Not yet. I suggest waiting for the next desktop automation update (or, if you are a PRO user, you can request beta access already).

i am writing from my second computer right now. same probleme here.

well, the funny thing is i was thinking about purchasing it, after trying it…but unfortunately not anymore…

when is the next update planned?