Issue with words with special symbols' recognition

Hello guys!

I’m using OCR.Space Free and have an issue with words with special symbols’ recognition.

E.g. here’s the word I can’t recognize: “-{Андрей}-” (russian language).
Here’s the overlay: ScreenShot.bmp — Yandex.Disk
And here’s the source image: _1.jpg — Yandex.Disk

I don’t want to have special symbols - screw them. But can I somehow get the rest of the word without special symbols? I mean instead of “-{Андрей}-” can I somehow get “Андрей”?

Kindly ask for your advice!
Thank you! :slight_smile:

I have a way to get them in English characters, but not Cyrillic. Would that help?


Certainly! Everything’s better than a blank space.
Which parameters do you use?

I used an internal test version. But the first public beta will be available next week already :slight_smile:

I will update this post with more details next week.

Thanks! :slight_smile:
Looking forward to.