Issue with OCRextractrelative

Has any one else noticed that OCRextractrelative seems to not be working since last update? I can get OCRSearch to work as expected, XClickRelative to work as expected, however, a macro with OCRExtractRelative which had been working before the last update is now no longer working.

My use case specifically is using it in desktop automation mode

Hi, we are not aware of any issues. Do you have a test case for us? Does the “DemoXDesktopAutomation_OCR” macro work for you?

Sorry have really been tied up in this project. For whatever reason, when running large jobs on a machine both on my local network and on remote computers, after some time various parts of the OCR tool will stop working altogether. OCRExtract, OCRealative etc. I have found the only resolution is to restart the machines and the issue is resolved. At this moment I dont have time to dig deeper to see if there it is some internal network issue or something else. I have also noticed that OCRSearch on a specific search term which has an underscore will somedays ALWAYS see the underscore and return it, other days it does not see it. At the end of the day I must say I love the tool. I use it extensively where I work and it has saved the day more than once.

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