[Issue #562] VisualAssert Error (Arguments to path.join must be strings)

I have a real simple test doing on. The webpage has a pie chart in view. I have captured the test image Im looking for. When I execute the script or even click “find” I get this error:

Executing: | visualAssert | MoHItn_dpi_96.png | |
Arguments to path.join must be strings

FWIW the DemoVisualUITest fails with the identical error

kantu - latest
chrome - latest
MacOS Mojave

Having the same issue same os.

This is a known issue after a fresh install or update.


  • Close Chrome/Firefox and Kantu once. Make sure you close all instances of the browser. Then restart the browser and the issue should be gone. So the problem happens “only” once directly after a fresh install or update.

  • Optional: Avoid extension auto-update