[Issue #551] Kantu stuck when connection lost or a site do not load


Today i found a bug that stuck Kantu (do not continue to work).

When you use command open to load a site if the site do not load or internet connection lost Kantu remain to wait the loading of site and do not continue and show this message “lost background heart beat when running command” in log.

This is a problem because sometimes internet connection can lost and kantu remain stucked.

I tried with store|TRUE|!ERRORIGNORE but the problem do not solved Kantu remain stucked.

It’s important that kantu continue to work in the case the open command do not load the site because after load a site can be other command (offline too) like save csv for report and with Kantu stucked next commands will not be execute.

Thanks, have a nice day

What a strange issue! => Confirmed

This issue is fixed with V5.0 :slight_smile: