[Issue #538] Bookmark Issues with V4.2.5 on Chrome


Since the v4.2.5, my Kantu (Test Suites) Bookmarks have gone haywire. Here’s an example.

  • I exported all my Test Suites and deleted them all.

  • I exported all my Macros and deleted them all.

  • I close Chrome

  • I imported only the Macros I needed.

  • I create one Test Suite from Scratch

  • No problem Playing the Test Suite from Kantu

  • But when using the bookmark, I’m getting this error:

    Error in parsing testsuites/Close.json:
    No macro found with name ‘A1Close’

As you can see, I’ve deleted the Close.json TestSuite.


As a workaround, I just create a Macro called A1Close.

So the bug it seems is that:

  • When I run a bookmark, it checks all other Test Suites for errors (this is probably where my problem started with v4.2.5. I use the shortcuts daily and they’ve worked perfectly until v4.2.5)
  • And even if I clean up, it seems to check against cached entries (as shown above).

I think it might be easy for you guys to re-create this issue. For now, it seems a workaround for me is just to resolve all the warnings so that my bookmarks will work.


Just to add. If I delete the TaskSearch Test Suite bookmark and re-add it, it will work on the first click. Then if I try it again, I’ll get

Error in parsing testsuites/Close.json:
No macro found with name ‘A1Close’

As mentioned above, it is parsing a Test Suite that no longer exist. And creating A1Close is a temporary workaround for me.


Another finding. If I change my bookmark to closeKantu: false, the Test Suite will execute (though it will still show the warnings for every macro it runs):


`javascript:(function() {try {var evt = new CustomEvent('kantuRunTestSuite', {detail: {name: 'TaskSearch',from: 'bookmark',storageMode: 'browser',closeKantu: false}});window.dispatchEvent(evt);} catch (e) {alert('Kantu Bookmarklet error: ' + e.toString());}})();`


Playing test suite TaskSearch
Playing macro A0-Variables
Executing:  | comment | Set Replay Speed to Fast | 100 | 
Error in parsing testsuites/Close.json:
No macro found with name 'A1Close'
Executing:  | store | fast | !replayspeed | 
Executing:  | storeEval | storedVars['!clipboard'] .trim() | globalTaskSearch | 
Executing:  | store | 04/17/2019 | globalDate | 
Executing:  | bringBrowserToForeground |  |  | 
Macro completed (Runtime 1.17s)
Playing macro A1-TaskSearch
Executing:  | store | 0 | myRow | 


Executing:  | clickAndWait | //*[@id="clForm"]/div[3]/div/table/tbody/tr[${myRow}]/td[7] |  | 
Macro completed (Runtime 15.46s)
Test Suite name: TaskSearch
Start Time: Thu Apr 18 2019 08:30:23 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)
Overall status: OK, Runtime: 17.22s
Macro run: 2
Success: 2
Failure: 0
Macro executed:
A0-Variables (OK, Runtime: 1.28s)
A1-TaskSearch (OK, Runtime: 15.62s)
Error in parsing testsuites/Close.json:
No macro found with name 'A1Close'


We confirmed this problem, it escaped our QA. We plan to release an update with a fix next week. By the way, the same issue happens when macros are started from the command line.

The best short-term workaround is to downgrade to an earlier version.

.... Macro Not found
Bookmarks not working after this last update — Firefox

Hi @admin

The same problem it’s with firefox and kantu 4.2.5 and batch file to a macro.

“Show No macro found with name ‘macro’”

But the macro exist and working.


Hi, the issue is fixed with V4.2.6 (released today).