[Issue #532] Pause/ resume not work, Can’t resume after pause

Hi everyone

I have problem with my Kantu
pause/ resume not work, can’t resume after pause

In logs have
[error] player: paused or stopped

This is not error!!!

!ERRORIGNORE not working

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Why you add pause in your macro ?

For delay you can add


For 10 seconds of pause

What is the sense of pause 0 ?

just an example

Kantu no longer works after the command pause|0
Now I have to use breakpoints.

I report a bug
I don’t ask why it doesn’t work. My scripts worked before updating 4.1.6 OK.

Issue confirmed, thanks for reporting it! (we will fix this asap)

I confirm the issue
Please Fix this ASAP

Thank you

Issue fixed with V5.3.17