Is there any way to wait for download to start?


I’m automating downloading videos from a website.
However, I tried to use click (to click the in-site download button) and then click again (to use the in-site button to go to the next video for me to download); it would sometimes have a delay until the file starts to download. This delay is random from 0 seconds to 15 seconds (can even be more). And If I were to use the in-site button to go to the next video (it loads a new page), the download won’t start and I will not get the files.

So, is there anyway for me to check if the file STARTS to download (NOT FINISHES) after it click the download button? (if it started to download then continue the command to go to the next page, and repeat)?


hello, does anyone know how to do this?

Multiple downloads can be run in same time.

What would be the usefulness of starting one at a time ?

I personally use a fownload manager to manage downloads and it works much better than the browser, it gradually initiates downloads and this the browser does not do.