Is there any way in UIvision, if latest code is automatically picked up from a source (say git location or any folder location)

Hi All,
I am new in uivison and tried to find out the solution for below problem, it would be great if any one can please guide me,

  1. Is there any way by which uivison automatically pick/load the the zip file or automated code in UIvison.
    we are trying to run the code by command line and trying to run it by a scheduler job, and if latest code is available in the desired folder, it first load the latest code and then run the automation scripts.


Use the hard drive file system mode. Whenever the macro is updated in the folder, that’s what will load and run.

With desktop automation you can automate all, need time and more tests.

Create a desktop automation require a large amount of time but can automate everything.

It is as @User9898 mentioned already: Just switch to hard-drive mode and it works exactly as you want it.