Is there a way to view where my tests are all stored on my Mac?

Hi all,

I am currently using Kantu Browser Automation for test automation of my current project. The recording has gone well so far. But can someone advise how I can find the location on my mac where all the tests are saved.

The idea is to be able to back-up these tests in case I loose my Mac, machine breaks etc… also so that I can share the recorded tests with my team members.

Any idea(s) please?

Internally Kantu stores the macros in the local storage.

To backup your macros, you can export each macro or test suite individually, or export them all at once as ZIP file. And, last but not least, Kantu can prompt you to do the backups. By default, it does it every seven days.


Export macro: (We recommend the JSON export, HTML export is helpful for importing the macro back to the original Selenium IDE).