Is there a way to make comments in code?

Is there a way to make comments/notes in the code so that Kantu will ignore that line when playing the macro? Like we do in html,etc to explain what that part code will do,etc …
thank you

Type “comment” in Command box.

That does not stand out from the code lines. you will never see it among all code lines because it just looks like a command. I need something that is in a different color or stand out from the rest just like in html or any other program language.

…but it is in a different color?


It is NOT . Your image is table view. It is not in the source view where the code is.

Ok, in code view you are right :wink:

I guess the issue is that Kantu code is in standard JSON format. Using a standard format is great, but the drawback (as you noticed) is that JSON does not allow comments.


thank you very much!