Is there a way to flush !csvLine

I’m working on a Macro that would review in a loop, multiple URL’s and inside each of the, the presence of certain text and banners and save in a CSV if it found it or not.

The first step is too check if it not encountered a 404 error page. If it found it, save on the CSV: Page not found. Otherwise continue with the next line of code. I’m currently using AssertElementNotPresent to determine the presence of the 404 text, but once it assert it, the iteration ends and continues with the next loop. That’s great but that doesn’t leave me with the possibility to use the command csvSave.

So is there a way to flush the data on !csvLine at the beginning of every loop? since the variable retains the info of the previous loop.

Afaik the only way to reset/clear !csvLine is with csvSave. But maybe you can just do a csvSave to a dummy file?

csvSave | ignoreMe.txt

Or, for more powerful control, use csvSaveArray: How to mark a row in a CSV line as processed?